Virginia panoramas

This page introduces and labels a number of views from peaks in the Virginia Blue Ridge and surrounding areas. If you're looking for hikes with views, this is a good reference for some of the best view hikes in Virginia. This is also a good reference for identifying the different features in a view during hikes.

This is a work in progress- if you want a labelled view of any view from a hike on this blog, just comment on that hike and I'll do my best!

View from Humpback Rocks, looking north.
Hightop is 33 miles away.

View from Spy Rock, looking north.
Trayfoot Mountain is 35 miles away.

View from Spy Rock, looking south.

View from Hightop, looking south.
Hightop can also be hiked from Smith Roach Gap. Elliott Knob is 46 miles away.

View from Old Rag, looking north

View from Old Rag, looking south
Carters Mountain is 41 miles away.

View from Mary's Rock, looking north

View from The Priest, looking north.
Strickler Knob is 69 miles away.


  1. I have really enjoyed your blog! We hiked Sugar Hollow trails today, near Cville. Thanks for your info on other "close to Cville" hikes. From, a 'Hoo like you

  2. Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you're getting to discover the incredible hiking just outside of UVa.

  3. These are so cool - how do you make them?

    1. I don't use any dedicated tool to make them- the images are labelled by hand (or by mouse, technically). I'm glad you find them useful!

    2. How do you identify the mountains? I've never found a good enough map/web site.

    3. I've been hiking in Virginia since childhood, so mainly just experience; USGS and PATC topo maps are helpful too, though!